Rain Barrel Fountain – Pros & Cons of a 2-in-1 Unit

Rain Barrel FountainA decorative rain barrel doesn’t always mean that there needs to be a planter on top. How about a rainwater harvesting tank with a trickling rain barrel fountain on top?

Not only can we get the visual appeal of a garden fountain, but we also get to enjoy the continuous relaxing sound of a trickling water feature. And don’t forget the functionality of the rain catcher itself.

This is super easy to set up yourself. [1] choose a location for your rain barrel next to a gutter downspout and nearby an electrical outlet [2] set up the water pump and connect it to a power source [3] submerge the pump and turn on the unit.

The Advantages of a Rain Barrel Fountain:

1. I like the water feature. If you like this aspect too, or you are looking to improve the feng shui in your backyard, you’ll like this too. You can enjoy the sound of the splashing fountain without having to buy and install a separate unit.

Solar Powered Fountain with LED Lights for Rain Barrel TopNote: Alternatively, you can make your own fountain with a planter-top rain barrel. For instance, you could use this whiskey rain barrel and fill the top planter bowl with water.

Then, add a solar-powered fountain. Consequently, you don’t need an electrical power source, and you aren’t limited to water storage containers with built-in fountains.

2. The package includes the entire kit, including a 500 gph pump, tubing, fountain head, screen and river rocks. This makes it much easier to set up, and you don’t have to figure out which pump and other materials to buy.

3. This barrel fountain comes in 5 different colors, so you can choose the best color for your home and garden.

Colors: chocolate brown, sandstone, dark granite, terra cotta and grey granite.

4. It is constructed of strong and durable (yet lightweight) plastic resin, similar to many other decorative barrels. It’s easier to move around, yet it will last a long time and requires less maintenance than a wood or clay pot would need.

5. Since this rain barrel fountain is square in shape, it fits snugly up against a wall. This makes it easier to fit in tight corners or locations where space is limited.

The Downside of a Rainwater Tank with a Fountain:

1. This rain barrel holds less water (approximately 50 gallon capacity) than other decorative models (typically 80-100 gallons), so you can’t store as much water at one time.

2. The unit requires a source of power, so this may limit you as to where you can position the barrel.

Get the Algreen Madison Fountain Here

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the dimensions?

20″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 35″ High

2. Can you connect a garden hose to the barrel?


3. How much does it weigh?

21 lbs

4. Does it require electricity?