25 DIY Projects to Become Self-Sufficient

If you’re anything like me, one of the reasons you want to set up a rainwater collection system is so that you can be more self-sufficient.

Recycled Blue Rain BarrelEven if you aren’t planning on going 100% off the grid, it’s smart to become more knowledgeable and set up your own systems where you don’t have to be so dependent on outside products and services.

It’s Not Difficult to Become Self-Sufficient

Becoming more self-sufficient doesn’t have to be difficult. Take baby steps and take on small projects that are simple and that you enjoy doing.

For example, I make compost. I started small with inexpensive materials and set up a system that produces great fertilizer year-round and takes me a small amount of time to maintain it.

Have Fun with it!

Self-Sufficient Homeowner BookThis guide, “DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner: 25 Ways to Build a Self-Reliant Lifestyle”, has lots of simple, creative ways to get started, even if you are on a budget.

Start with one project or pick a few. If nothing else, this is a great resource to get educated on your options and the ways you can save money and become more independent without a lot of work.

Note: The book is available for less than $10 in the downloadable edition.

Some things she talks about:

  • How to set up your own utility system, including water, heat and electricity.
  • How to grow and store your own food, plus raising animals and bees.
  • Resources for greenhouse and solar energy development and more…