Algreen Agua 50-Gallon Rain Collection System

Algreen Agua Decorative Rain BarrelThe Algreen Agua Rain Barrel is a classic ceramic-looking rain barrel garden, but it is actually made of a durable roto molded plastic – so it only weighs 13 lbs!

This is not your generic plastic flower pot, though. It’s tough. In fact, it won’t crack, chip or fade.

I really love these modern garden containers that combine long-lasting durability with lightweight ease.

How Will the Algreen Agua Look in Your Yard?

The Algreen Agua comes in neutral colors of either brown or terra cotta and fits with virtually any home style. The general consensus among customers is that the planters don’t look like plastic, due to the realistic coloring and ability to have plants growing over the edge, like ivy.

water barrel with ivySimilar to water features that are created from large ceramic pots, these rain collectors can blend into your landscape. You can plant vegetation or add river rock around the base. In addition, you can plant flowers or dangling vines from the top.

The container measures 23″ wide x 23″ long x 33″ tall. Therefore, you only need a 2-foot square area to set it up. At the same time, the height is tall enough for a nice flower arrangement.

The Algreen Agua Comes Ready-to-Use

On top of being lightweight and easy to position in place, the Algreen Agua comes pretty much all set up and ready to go. It includes a screen guard to keep debris out and an attached 4-foot hose with shut-off valve. Plus, you get a planting container on top.

You just need an inline downspout diverter or a DiverterPro Kit.

Note: Some customers prefer the larger 65-gallon version because it has a sturdier structure. Plus, it includes a brass spigot in addition to a 6-foot hose.

4 star rating