Vertical Gardening Ideas: Rain Gardens

A Vertical Rain Garden Garden Idea That’s Functional…

Many people are drawn to vertical gardening because of its efficiency and/or space-saving abilities. The gardens are, of course, decorative as well – sometimes becoming the centerpiece in a backyard.

Since vertical gardens can serve multiple purposes at one time, why not add another function while we’re at it? A relatively new concept to this style of landscaping is this vertical rain garden.

What is a Rain Garden?

The traditional rain garden is a sunken area in the landscape that is used to collect excess water runoff. Plants are grown in this space and therefore called a “rain garden”. They can be time-consuming to construct and do require a certain amount of space that, of course, is lower that the surrounding area.

vertical rain gardenWhat is a Vertical Rain Garden?

Vertical rain gardens are basically rain harvesting systems combined with vertical gardens. Homeowners who want to conserve rainwater for landscaping and gardening purposes don’t have to have an ugly tank sitting in the backyard.

Now, the rain collector can be concealed by a beautiful vertical garden – and quite easily at that. As long as you are collecting rainwater, the containers might as well be decorative, right?

A Vertical Rain Garden is a Great Space-Saver.

Another nice feature of this type of planter is that it is taller than it is wide. Therefore, it can collect a significant amount of rainwater without taking up a lot of space. This is important if it is located on a patio or near a walkway.

vertical rain gardenMany decorative rain barrels can hug a wall and be used in similar spaces without being an inconvenience. However, a rain garden can hold up to twice as much water without taking up a bigger footprint.

Support Issue… Solved.

In my opinion, large, tall vertical gardens are much more impressive than the small ones. That said, big planters can get pretty heavy – and they are not easily supported by a fence. The vertical rain garden sits on (and is supported by) its own base, and therefore does not put excess strain on the wall where it grows.

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Easy Solution that Also Adds Value.

bright flower on vineIf you are looking for unique patio or flower garden ideas, this is a nice solution because it is easy and low maintenance while being interesting and impressive.

In fact, homes that incorporate high-quality outdoor decor (not to mention decor that also adds function!) can enhance their curb appeal and therefore increase the home’s value.