Decorative Rain Barrel Planter Comparison Chart

Do you want to buy a decorative rain barrel? Compare 13 different rain barrels below by style, price, rating, dimensions, colors, material and special features. Note: All rain barrels include a mesh screen to keep out leaves and debris, plus a high-quality brass spigot (vs the cheap plastic version). They are all constructed of heavy-duty plastic resin, which is lightweight yet tough, durable, fade and crack resistant.

Rain Barrel Planters

Style Rating
Water Capacity Dimensions Multiple Colors Special Features

Rain Wizard Urn

Rain Wizard Urn Rain Barrel with Planter Bowl on Top

Grey Terra Cotta Urn 4.3 $220-240 50 gallons 22″ x 23″ x 30″ No Elegant urn-shaped rainwater tank comes with 2 spigots instead of 1. In addition, the barrel has an overflow channel, and you can connect it to other rain barrels. The container also features a flat back, so it fits close up against a wall. Get details on Rain Wizard Urn

Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

Palm Tree Trunk Texturing 4.0 $100
(on sale)
50 gallons 29″ x 29″ x 44″ Yes The Palm Decorative Rain Barrel comes in 9 colors, plus built-in planter and dual spigot locations. See more info on the Impressions Palm Barrel

Terra Cotta Rainwater Urn

Terra Cotta Rainwater Urn

Terra Cotta Urn 4.2 $299-$325 65 gallons 25″ x 25″ x 45.5″ No This rain barrel is made of sturdy UV-stabilized polyethylene, is scratch/crack resistant and has a built-in planter. Plus, it comes with a brass spigot and 5-foot hose. More on the Rainwater Urn

Riverwalk Granite Rain Barrel

Grey Square Granite Stone Rain Barrel with Dual Spigots and Planter

Slate Rock Style Planter 3.9 $189-199 50 gallons 23″ x 23″ x 38″ Yes Square stone-looking rain barrel has built-in top planter and 2 water spigots (upper and lower). Excess water runoff diverts to front (away from house). Choose from 2 colors: light or dark granite. See more on the Riverwalk Granite Barrel.

Wood Grain Rain Barrel

Wood Grain Rain Barrel

Wine Barrel 4.0 $140-$150 50 gallons 19″ x 24″ x 34″ Yes Get the wood-grain appearance without the maintenance. Choose from 5 different colors, has space for planter and flat back sits flush against wall.

Kyoto Rain Barrel

Kyoto Rain Barrel

Japanese 4.5 $100 55 gallons 23″ x 23″ x 35″ No Barrel features natural sandstone look, plus extra stable base and space for planter. Although it does not have a planter bowl, you can place a 20-24″ diameter saucer on top to create the same effect. Get details on the Kyoto Decorative Barrel

Shopping for a Decorative Rain Barrel?

As you can see, you have lots of options to choose from. The hardest part may be making a decision on which rain barrel to buy.

First, consider the space you have available and the amount of rainwater you want to collect. Do you have the space to accommodate a large 300-gallon unit, or do you need to position several smaller barrels by different downspouts around your home? Do you require a container than fits flush against a wall?

Next, think about the style of your property. Do you want to conceal your water collection system, or would you prefer to showcase decorative rain barrels around your house? Does your home have a modern, rustic or mediterranean style? Choose a container to match.

Finally, do you want special features such as planters, or a hose for watering a nearby garden? These eco-friendly water collecting systems can do double-duty as planting containers as well as help you irrigate your plants.