Why Get a Downspout Diverter for Your Rain Barrel?

4 Reasons for Getting a Downspout Diverter

Fiskars DiverterPro Attached to Rain Gutter Downspout

If you are setting up a rainwater collection system, you will need a way for the water from your gutter to get into your rain barrel.

Many times, you can simply direct your gutter downspout into a top opening in the rain barrel. You may not need any additional parts or accessories, and your project is done.

However, you can purchase a downspout diverter instead for about $30-50, and this can make your rain collection system a little easier and more versatile. Let me explain:

How to Install a Fiskars Rain Barrel System (Including Diverter):

1. First of all, with a diverter, you have more options as far as where to place your barrel. You do not have to situate it directly underneath your downspout, since your diverter kit will include a hose. The hose conveniently connects the downspout to the barrel.

If you have limited space or have other structures that you need to work around, location can be an issue. A downspout diverter can solve this issue.

2. Second, you have more options as far as connecting the diverter hose to the barrel. For example, you don’t need to have water flow directly through the top center. Alternatively, you may choose to connect it at the top from the side. This leaves the top platform to be used for planters, a tabletop or storage.

Downspout Diverter Connected to Rain Barrel

3. Third, you can connect and disconnect a diverter. This means that if your water collection container gets full, you can disconnect the diverter and direct rainwater to a different location (or other container).

This provides a really nice benefit if overflow concerns you or you want to maximize your rainwater usage. In addition this features makes moving your barrel easier (if necessary).

4. Fourth, many diverter kits include a filter. This will keep debris from entering your rain barrel. Many decorative rain barrel kits include a filter, in which case you wouldn’t need another one. However, if you are building your water collection system from scratch, getting a downspout diverter prevents you from having to buy a separate filter.

Is a Downspout Diverter Worth the Effort?

Here’s an interesting fact. Some people with smaller homes wonder if they will be able to collect enough rainwater to make it worth the time and effort to set up a rain barrel. The Rutgers University Water Resources Program reports that an 800 square foot roof can generate 500 gallons of water runoff during a 1 inch storm!


DIY Downspout Diverter - How to Connect a Downspout to Your Rain Barrel

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