Brick Wall Rain Barrel – How to Add Water Storage & Style

Do you want to store excess rainwater in stylish tanks thank don’t look like rain barrels? This brick wall rain barrel looks exactly like a stacked stone wall, yet it can hold 100 gallons of water.

Rain Barrel Wall that Looks Like Bricks

This Decorative Rain Barrel Adds Both Style AND Function:

As you can see, it doesn’t stand out like an ugly eyesore in the yard. Rather, you could turn it into a focal point, displaying plants or wall art above the ledge.

The realistic granite brick definitely has a sophisticated, contemporary look to it. So, you don’t have to worry about hiding this water tank. In fact, each brick tank has its own unique texturing due to the life-like manufacturing process.

Narrow Water Storage Tank Doesn’t Take Up Much Space:

However, the slim rain barrel only sticks out 16″ from a wall. Therefore, you can easily set it up along a walkway or around a corner out of sight.

How to Store 100 Gallons of Rainwater in a Brick Wall Rain Barrel

It doesn’t take up much ground space, so you have a lot more options as far as where you can install it. Plus, the unit only weighs 77 lbs (empty) and is easy to set up. This wall of bricks is not as heavy as it appears. =)

Does the High End Design Make this Rain Barrel a Better Value?

Spigot Connect to Brass Threads in Brick Rain Barrel WallIn addition to its high-end design, the construction of this rain barrel uses heavy duty, highly durable materials. Plus, the exterior is UV-resistant and weatherproof.

Furthermore, it comes with upgraded brass threads so you can easily connect a hose or spigot. By the way, you have the option to add a spigot to your purchase for only $10.

Although this large-sized water storage container costs more than getting a bunch of smaller 50-gallon tanks, I think it offers a better value. Here’s why:

1. First of all, it features a built-in design, which I think increases the value of the home. In other words, the rain barrel looks like it’s part of the wall.

2. Plus, the high quality build of this product makes it last longer with minimal maintenance. Not to mention, you can store more water at one time from a single downspout.

Rain Wall Diverter Connects Rain Barrel to DownspoutNote: The Rocky Rain Wall does not come as a complete kit. For example, you’ll need to buy a diverter and spigot separately.

You’ll have the easy option to add them to your purchase on the order page Therefore, you get to choose whether you want a diverter or a diverter + filter. Or you can save even more money and purchase one separately.

Specs for the Brick Wall Rain Barrel:


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