Large Rain Barrels (300 Gallon)… that Actually Look Cool

50 gallon rain barrels can hold plenty of water for many people, especially those who have multiple containers set up around the property. However, what if you get seasonal rains and want to store larger amounts of water for longer periods of time?

Then it’s time for large rain barrels.

300 Gallon Large Rain BarrelsAlthough you have more choices in decorative rain harvesters at the smaller 50-100 gallon sizes, you can still get a nice-looking 300-gallon rain barrel that won’t be an eyesore in your landscape.

This one is the Good Ideas Rain Wizard 300 Gallon Rain Barrel. In fact, you can get it in 2 different natural-looking colors: terra cotta and khaki.

These neutral color options make it easy to blend your rain collector into your yard, whether you have a stucco or wood siding home.

Of course, you can position the rain barrel out of the way and out of sight if that is the best place in your yard for it. However, if you don’t have many location options, you don’t have to worry that you’ll be stuck with a big ugly industrial-looking tank in your backyard.

You can even set a potted plant on top of the rain harvester to dress it up and blend it in more with your existing landscape. You can almost disguise it to look like a giant terra cotta planter. Pretty clever – but very easy.

Terra Cotta Decorative Rain Barrel 300 GallonJust like other decorative rain barrel kits, this one comes with everything you need to set it up and get it running.

It’s also simple to use and effortless to maintain. It basically takes care of itself, and it’s well built, so it will last a long long time.

All that said, it is heavier than other models (over 100 lbs) due to its size, but that’s expected. It also costs more, but that’s not a surprise either. It you add up the cost of 3 100-gallon rain barrels and compare it to the cost of a single 300-gallon tank, you’re pretty much even.

Features of 300-Gallon Large Rain Barrels:

  • Two attachment locations for bucket or hose configurations
  • Mesh screen to filter out debris and deter pests
  • Overflow hole to prevent drainage against the house
  • Flat back design to allow convenient placement against walls
  • Made in the USA using FDA approved and BPA-free resin
  • 37 x 45 x 60 inches ; 120 pounds
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What’s best for you? It really depends on how much water you want to collect and store and how much space you have available. You may also want to think about whether you want to store all of your rainwater runoff in a single location or multiple locations around your home (for watering convenience).