How to Collect Rainwater in a Rainwater Urn – The Easy Way

Rescue Decorative Rainwater Urn in Stone, Terra Cotta or Wicker

Do you want a way to collect rainwater in your backyard with having to look at a giant ugly barrel?

Emsco makes a rainwater urn that cleverly disguises your water harvesting and storage tank – without you having to hide it!

How You Can Custom Design Your Rain Barrel:

You can get these large capacity urn rain barrels in various sizes and colors. In addition, you can choose from a rustic stone finish, Grecian terra cotta or a wicker basket weave.

Therefore, you can virtually customize your own decorative rain barrel to match your home style and watering needs.

Plus, each rainwater urn comes as a complete ready-to-install kit.

Faux Wicket Basket Rain Barrel Urn with Attached Garden Hose

Note: These urns are molded from industrial-strength plastic to look like the authentic textured finishes listed above. However, they weather extremely well outdoors and will not crack, splinter or fade.

Not to mention, this deluxe material weighs significantly less than clay or stone, so set-up is a breeze!

What Comes with Your Urn Rain Barrel Kit?

Rain Barrel Spigot and Hose Outlets

I really like these all-in-one rain barrel packages because they make set up and installation easier.

All parts are custom-fit for you already, plus you get complete step-by-step instructions.

1. Water Storage Urns Include Hoses and Spigots:

First of all, each urn includes a hose outlet and detachable hose. Your rain barrel will also contain a spigot if you select that option.

So, you don’t have to purchase those additional components yourself. Nor do you have to drill your barrel and install the parts.

2. A Downspout Diverter that Connects Directly to Your Barrel:

Second, these packages include a water diverter system, which you connect to your gutter downspout. This saves you the hassle of having to go find the diverter parts yourself.

The package includes a 36″ tube, a 48″ main hose, barb plug, ball cock with an on/off control downspout and 2 hose gaskets. Therefore, you don’t have to position your urn right next to your downspout (you have some versatility).

Rain Barrel Downspout Divert Kit Comes with Kit

However, these diverters include a not-so-standard feature. They prevent rainwater overflow by sending excess water back through the downspout when your urn gets full. (By the way, this diverter kit works with both 2″x3″ and 3″x4″ downspouts!)

3. Bonus Planting Container Takes Advantage of Un-Used Space:

Faux Stone Urn Rain Barrel with Flower Planter on Top

Third, these decorative rain barrels all feature top planters to further disguise your water storage “tank”. Not only does this planter make use of otherwise wasted space, it has a built-in weep hole to provide drainage for your plants.

Some people grow herbs or berries, so they can have fresh edibles (which are conveniently elevated off the ground). Rain barrels can definitely provide style and function at the same time.

On the other hand, you can plant flowers or trailing plants that drape down the sides on the container. If you want to create an impressive focal point in your garden, this is a simple way to do it.

Note: These rainwater urns are so conveniently easy to set up that some people buy more than one. For example, you can install them at different corners or your home so you can access stored rainwater where you need it. Not to mention, you can double or triple your storage capacity. =)

You may just want to conserve water or reduce your water bill cost. But who knew you could upgrade the look of your garden or gain a mini herb garden at the same time?

In addition, these deluxe barrels last a long, long time with virtually no maintenance. Plus, their “sealed-system” design prevents mosquito breeding or animals from entering the tank.

Specs for the Rescue Rainwater Urn:

  • Urn Material: Food Grade Polyethylene (25% Recycled Materials)
  • 4 Color Options: Brown, Terra Cotta, Earth Brown or Sand
  • BPA-FreeFaux Terra Cotta Rain Collecting Urn
  • Dimensions: Varies by Urn Capacity
  • Water Capacity: 50, 60 or 85 Gallon Sizes
  • Weight: 15-36 lbs (empty)
  • Water Diverter Included in Kit
  • Installation Guide
  • Model #: 2258-1
  • Manufacturer: Emsco Group
  • Phone: 1-800-458-0839
  • Made in USA
  • Where to Buy the Urn Rain Barrel


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