Rock Rain Barrel “How-To” – A Great Landscaping Disguise!

Rain Wizard Rock Rain Barrel

Do you want to collect and store rainwater without having it disrupt your landscaping? Use a rock rain barrel to hide your storage tank while adding natural stones to your yard.

You’ve probably seen those faux boulders that are placed over irrigation systems or other unsightly yard objects. You can essentially do the same with your water storage.

Boulders look really cool in the landscape, but are super heavy and expensive to buy. These fake ones weigh in at on 19 pounds and work as great disguises used among plants and mulch.

How Does the Rock Rain Barrel compare?

Compared to other decorative rain barrels, these “rocks” have more of a flat back, so they fit easily up against a wall and downspout. They don’t take up a lot of space, so it’s easier to use them in multiple locations. Larger bulkier barrels generally are limited as to where you can put them.

Are There Drawbacks to the Rock Rain Barrel?

The possible downside is that they are on the smaller side (42 gallon capacity). However, some owners prefer to use multiple smaller units as opposed to a single tank so that they can collect rainwater on different sides of the house, making it easier to water plants in different areas.

FYI, here are the dimensions if you need them: 31” H x 26” W x 26” D

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