Used Whiskey Rain Barrels – for Collecting Rainwater!

Used Whiskey Rain Barrel

Although I like all of the decorative rain barrels on this site, there is nothing like a real, authentic rustic wine barrel (or bourbon or whiskey barrel). They just have a certain charm and character to them that can’t be copied by durable molded plastic.

If you like the authentic look and are willing to pay more for it, I’ve found a resource for you. And it’s online! No, you don’t have to go out and find them yourself, clean it up and make repairs to it. This is turn-key, just for you.

Used Whiskey Rain Barrel Kits:

Rather than having to search for an old vintage barrel and convert it to a usable, leak-proof rainwater tank, you can now get a kit. This whiskey/wine/bourbon barrel has a water spigot already installed and comes with a diverter system.

Therefore, you simply place your barrel next to a downspout and connect it using the included diverter attachment. The barrels make a unique focal point amongst landscaping or as a standalone piece on a deck or patio.

It’s called the “Upcycle 54 Gallon Wooden Rain Barrel”. Besides being authentic old crafted wooden barrel, it also includes a brass spigot, a diverter to connect to a utter downspout and a link fitting so you can attach it to other barrels – if you want to collect more than 54 gallons of rainwater (or simply look cool).

Speaking of looking cool, these rain harvesters don’t fall short. They are seriously crafted from pre-used Bourbon, wine and beer barrels (I’m not kidding), and they come with the option to be refinished with black oxide painted metal rings, stained and sealed wood parts. By the way, you also have the option to get yours unfinished.

This is starting to sound like a deal.

Heck, they’re cool to have in the yard even if you’re not collecting rainwater. You can fool your friends into thinking you’ve taken up a new hobby of making wine or brewing whiskey. That itself is worth the $400 price tag. But hey – you get free shipping right to your house. That’s worth something right there.

And before I forget, you don’t have to worry about mosquitos with this barrel. It’s completely sealed so the buggers can’t get in.


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