Decorative Rain Barrel: Wicker Style But Low Maintenance

Impressions Nantucket Wicker Style Rain Barrel for Collecting Rainwater at Home

The Impressions Nantucket 50 Gallon Rain Saver is a popular rain barrel kit that offers several benefits if you want an easy way to save water.

Benefits of the Impressions Nantucket 50 Gallon Rain Saver:

1. Water Conservation: The primary benefit of rain barrels is water conservation. The Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver can collect and store up to 50 gallons of rainwater. Use it to water your plants, wash outdoor surfaces or even non-potable household uses.

2. Easy Installation: The Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver is designed for easy installation and setup. It comes with a downspout diverter kit that allows you to connect the rain barrel directly to your gutter system, facilitating the collection of rainwater. The kit also includes a spigot for easy access to the stored water.

3. Planter Included: The top of the rain barrel has a small planting area for flowers, herbs or other greenery. In addition to making the container multi-functional, it helps to disguise the water tank as a decorative planter.

Rain Barrel with Built-in Planter on Top for Flowers, Berries, Herbs or other Plants, Also Helps to Disguise the Water Storage Tank as a Stylish Planter

Drawbacks of the Nantucket Rain Saver:

1. Limited Capacity:

While the 50-gallon capacity of the Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver is suitable for many households, it may not be sufficient for those with larger gardens or higher water requirements.

If you have a larger roof area or anticipate needing more water, you might want to consider larger capacity rain barrel options or multiple rain barrels to increase your water storage capacity.

2. Design and Aesthetics:

While aesthetics may vary depending on personal preference, some individuals may find the design of the Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver less visually appealing compared to other rain barrel options available in the market. If the appearance of the rain barrel is important to you, it’s worth exploring other models with different styles and finishes.

Good Ideas Rain Wizard 50-Gallon Rain Barrel for Home Rainwater Collection, Complete Kit with Spigot Included

Alternative Rain Barrel Kits:

Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel: This rain barrel kit offers a 50-gallon capacity and features an oak barrel design that may be more visually appealing to some. It includes a brass spigot and a screened top to keep out debris and insects.

RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel: This rain barrel kit features a classic barrel design and has a flat back, making it easy to place against a wall or fence. It comes with a brass spigot and a built-in overflow hose.

Is the Nantucket Wicker Rain Barrel Right for You?

1. Water Requirements: What are your water needs? For example, evaluate the size of your garden, the number of plants you have and other outdoor water needs. This will help you determine the appropriate water storage capacity.

Wicker Style Rain Barrel with Dual Spigots and Flower Holder on Top

2. Space and Design: Consider the available space in your yard or garden and the aesthetic appeal of the rain barrel. If space is limited or design is a priority for you, explore options that have a smaller footprint or more visually pleasing designs.

3. Installation and Maintenance: Evaluate the ease of installation and maintenance required for the rain barrel kit. Look for features like a diverter kit that simplifies connecting the rain barrel to your gutter system.

4. Durability and Materials: Assess the quality of the materials used in the rain barrel kit. Rain barrels made from UV-resistant and durable materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or food-grade plastics can last many years outdoors.

5. Additional Features: Consider any additional features that may enhance the functionality of the rain barrel kit. This could include features like an overflow system, a debris screen to prevent clogging, or a linking capability to connect multiple barrels together for increased storage capacity.

More Resources

  1. Rain Barrel Guide by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): This guide provides an overview of rain barrels, their benefits, installation tips, and factors to consider when choosing a rain barrel kit. It also offers a list of manufacturers and suppliers for further research. [Link:]
  2. Rain Barrel Comparison Chart: This comprehensive chart compares various rain barrel models based on their capacity, design, materials, features and customer ratings. It can help you easily compare different options and make an informed decision.


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