WaterBrick Storage Containers – 7+ Ways to Use Them

Do you want a simple, yet durable, way to store, carry and use fresh drinking water? You can use WaterBrick storage containers in a variety of different ways, plus the 3.5 gallon jugs are small enough to easily move.

Waterbrick Storage - Portable, Stackable, Easy to Store

For example, this 8-pack holds 28 gallons of water in total, so you can store a significant amount of water. However, you can move each stackable unit, which makes them much more convenient than a large storage drum.

Not to mention, you can purchase as few or as many sets as you want. Store all of you water in one place or in different areas. As you can see, WaterBricks offer ultimate versatility when it comes to storing water.

Water Preserver Concentrate Kills Bacteria, Algae, Mold in Water Storage Containers

Note: For long-term water storage, you can add a water preserver to ensure safe drinking water.

It kills Coliform bacteria and pathogenic organisms responsible for typhoid, dysentery and other serious diseases. Plus, it kills and prevents growth of yeast, mold, fungi and algae.

Take WaterBricks with You When You Travel:

Due to their compact size, WaterBricks work well for camping, road trips and travel. You can take all 8 Bricks or just a few. Then, stack them how they fit best in your car, RV, boat, etc..

How to Use Water Bricks for Camping, Emergencies, etc.

Plus, while camping, Water Bricks can double as side tables, foot rests and more. When you stack them, their strength actually increases because their interlocking design reinforces each other.

As a result, you can stack them quite high while they remain stable and secure. In other words, you don’t have to worry about them toppling over accidentally.

AquaBrick 3 Gallon Water Storage Container with Screw-on Spigot

WaterBrick VS AquaBrick:

AquaBrick makes a similar product that works and stores very much the same as a WaterBrick. However, AquaBricks cost a little more and have a smaller size (3 gallons as compared to 3.5 gallons).

That said, AquaBricks have an advantage over WaterBricks in that they come with attachable spigots for easy water dispensing. If you want a dispenser for your WaterBrick, you’ll need to purchase it separately (about $20).

Use WaterBricks at Home for
Emergency Water Storage (& More):

In addition to being conveniently portable, WaterBricks can easily store at home for emergency situations. You can even keep food in these completely sealed containers instead of water.

The notched lids have full rubber gaskets. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about water or liquid leaking out, and foods can maintain their freshness for longer.

Space Saving Water Storage Containers - Hide Under a Table, Bed, Closet, etc..

In fact, you can get multiple packs and use them for various purposes. For example, some people brew beer and ferment wine in them.

Furthermore, you can freeze water in the bricks and use them as “ice blocks” to cool other items. A large block takes longer to melt, and it can save you money from having to buy ice bags.

Note: In any case, you can easily stack them in a closet, pantry or garage without taking up a large footprint of space. Plus, their smaller modular design makes them easier to move as compared to a giant barrel or tub. (And, each jug has its own carrying handle too.)

Specs on WaterBrick Storage Containers:

  • Package Includes 8 Containers
  • Dimensions: 18.5″ Long x 18.5″ Wide x 25.75″ Tall (each)
  • Lid Diameter: 3.25″ Across3.5 Gallon Water Brick
  • Weight: 2.52 lbs each (32 lbs with water)
  • Water Capacity: 3.5 Gallons
  • Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Temperature-Resistant: -104.8° F to 230° F
  • BPA-Free
  • FDA compliant to store water & food
  • UV protection
  • Color: Blue
  • Model #: 1833-0001-8
  • Manufacturer: WaterBrick
  • For Sale: Where to Buy WaterBricks


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