What I Think About the Waterstone Rain Barrel

Waterstone Rain Barrel: Decorative Rock with 80 Gallons of Water Inside

The Waterstone Rain Barrel makes landscaping and rainwater collection easy.

This 25-pound “rock” is actually made of heavy-duty recycled resin and high-density polyethylene. It’s very sturdy and requires virtually no maintenance, yet it has a realistic stone appearance.

It comes as a complete kit with a gutter diverter system that is simple to install. Components include a dual diverter, tubing, grommets and instructions. All you need is a gutter downspout!

Decorative terra cotta rain barrel urns can be beautiful to look at, but if you want to completely hide your rainwater harvesting system, the Waterstone Barrel works well.

Note: Good Ideas also makes a 42-gallon rock shaped rain barrel in granite grey and sandstone brown. It has a similar design, just a smaller size for more compact spaces.

Waterstone Rain Barrel Disguises Rainwater Harvesting

Just place it in your regular landscaping surrounded by mulch, bark, shrubs and flowers. No one will ever know that you’ve got 80 gallons of rainwater ready to use.

Waterstone Rain Barrel, 40-gallon Size

The 80-gallon size is larger than most decorative rain harvesters, so you’ll be able to save plenty of water for your gardening and irrigation needs. However, if you get more runoff than you can use, the system is designed to re-direct the water back through the downspout when the barrel fills up.

Of course, you may decide to get multiple faux rock rain barrels for different downspouts around your home. Alternatively, you can link several Waterstone Barrels together to boost your water storage capacity.

Note: A smaller 40 gallon version is also available.

3 Waterstone Rain Barrels Linked Together for More Water Storage Capacity

How Much Money Can You Save Collecting Water Runoff?

Of course, the cost of water will vary by city, but let’s run the numbers.

For every inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot roof, you can collect about 600 gallons of water. That amount of water can fill an 80-gallon Waterstone 7.5 times.

It takes about 40 gallons of water to irrigate the average sized residential lawn. Therefore, the 80-gallon rain barrel can irrigate the lawn twice.

** By the way, you can connect an optional soaker hose to the Waterstone Barrel for automatic watering purposes in your landscape.


  • Dimensions: 35″ Long x 33.25″ wide x 40.25″ high
  • Package Includes: dual diverter, tubing, grommets & instructions
  • Included downspout diverter kit fits a 2″x3″ or 3″x4″ downspout

Another benefit that I have discovered to watering my plants with rainwater is the lack of chemicals.

My flowers and potted plants definitely don’t like chlorine and other additives in city water. They prefer fresh rainwater, and you can visually see the difference in the color of their leaves and growth.

Waterstone Rain Barrel Disadvantages:

Although I really like the Waterstone, its not for everyone. First of all, it’s not cheap. You can make your own rainwater harvesting system for cheaper and conceal it behind some fencing or lattice.

Secondly, this rain barrel does not have a planter on top. Some people do prefer the look of a stylish urn so they can dress up a walkway or patio. The faux rock doesn’t do that.


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