Super Easy Rain Barrel Pump Kit + Save Time & Money

Rain Barrel Pump KitWhy would you want to get a rain barrel pump kit? are they worth the extra money?

You can easily conserve natural resources and give your plants fresh water by installing a rain barrel in your backyard. That said, rain barrels don’t provide the same water pressure that you get from your city water system or well.

If you use your tank water to frequently irrigate your landscape or potted plants, this can be a hassle. However, you can easily solve this issue with a rain barrel pump kit.

In addition, solar pump kits eliminate the need to use electricity. Plus, you don’t need to locate your rain barrel located near an electrical outlet.

A Solar Rain Barrel Pump Kit?

Pump kits don’t come cheap. In fact, they may actually cost more than your rain barrel itself.

Therefore, solar versions work best for frequent waterers because you don’t need a wired power source. By the way, you can hook up a sprinkler system to their rain barrel.

Solar pump kits come super easy to install. Plus, they work with most models of rain barrels and standard hose sizes. So, get ready to not do any work. =)

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