Woodgrain Rain Barrel with Planter – Looks Real!

Faux Woodgrain Rain Barrel Looks like an Aged Wine Barrel

The RTS Accents Round Rain Barrel looks like an authentic oak barrel. However, it won’t rot, fade or get infested with insects. Plus, it weighs only 20 pounds!

Do you like the look of a natural wood barrel, but don’t want to hassle with problems that come with real wood? Then, you will like this deal.

Don’t mistake this barrel for a cheap plastic-looking container. The well-designed construction of this container makes it super durable. Plus, the high-quality brass spigot adds to its rustic appeal.

Furthermore, you can plant some English ivy or other foliage in the top planter for a really rustic look. And if you want your friends to think there is wine in it, just stick a few empty wine bottles in between the plants. 😉

Do You Like Wine?

I personally like the look of the rustic barrel, but it does make me thirsty for a glass of wine. If you think this may happen to you, be prepared and have some wine on hand.

In fact, this rain barrel looks cool all on its own – even if not used to collect rainwater. It can add character to a backyard and even become a centerpiece with interesting looking plants…

Rain Barrel Connector Kit

Link Rain Barrels Together!

Another cool feature that this rain barrel has, unlike other models, is that you can connect several barrels together to increase your rainwater collection capacity.

This is a great idea for people who don’t necessarily want to buy a bunch of rain barrels at first – but who may want to conserve more water down the road.

On second thought, getting a bunch of barrels could turn you into a serious wine drinker…

Want a Rain Barrel with a Flat Back?

Alternatively, can get rain barrels that have a flat back. This can be convenient if you are working with a limited space and need your rain collector to fit snugly against a wall. However, the fully-round version is more realistic looking.


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