Algreen Barcelona 100-Gallon Rain Barrel

Algreen Barcelona Decorative Rain Barrel

The Algreen Barcelona is Algreen’s largest rain barrel garden with 100-gallon capacity and features a wider planting area on top.

Like the Cascata and Agua models, the Barcelona is made of durable roto molded plastic. It resembles terra cotta and looks very much like the real thing, especially with plants growing over the top.

Unlike the other Algreen models, this planter top is significantly larger, so if you want to use a variety of different plants or a pallet of strawberries, this may be a better option. Some customers have even used the top as a birdbath, due to its wider diameter.

Repel Mosquitoes and Other Insects… with a Rain Barrel?

marigold flower

Another idea, if you get mosquitos in your yard in the summertime, is to grow mosquito plants or marigolds in your planter. These can help keep these annoying bugs at bay.

Mosquito plants smell like citronella and marigolds can repel aphids and other insects in addition to mosquitoes.

Algreen Barcelona has a Nice Garden Hose Feature.

In addition to the planting container on top, this rain barrel also includes a spigot with adapter, so you can attach your regular garden hose. This can be convenient if you need to reach distances further than 6 feet away from the barrel.

It also comes with a screen to keep rain gutter debris from entering the rain barrel. However, you will probably need to get a downspout diverter to direct the water into your rain barrel.

Something to Keep In Mind:

The Barcelona’s measurements differ from the other models in that it is wider and not as tall. Keep this in mind if you are working with a limited space.


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