Dual-Spigot Decorative Rain Barrel Under $300?

Dual Spigot Decorative Rain Barrels

This dual spigot decorative rain barrel looks more like a sophisticated decorative planter rather than a functional water conservation tool.

As you can see, it hugs closely to the wall with its flat backside. Therefore, you can usually install this unit in a narrower space. In addition, you can hide these flat-back rain barrels more easily.

On the other hand, if you need a rain collector that happens to be in a high-visibility location, no problem! You don’t need to worry about friends and neighbors seeing this sleek character!

Michelle Allen of VerticalRainGarden.com

It’s got a simple, yet stylish texture, and with plants growing out of the top, many people will completely miss that this container is holding 50 gallons of water. In fact, you might have not even noticed that there are 2 spigots on this barrel (not just one).

Why would you need 2 spigots? Well, sometimes it can be convenient to attach a hose to the rain barrel but still have an open spigot available to fill up a watering can, etc..

The container made of a tough, durable resin – so it can hold up to 50 gallons of water. However, it weighs less than 25 pounds when empty!

This makes it easy to set up – and move, if you ever need to relocate it. I’m such a fan of lightweight decor because you never know when you’ll need to move the container (but it also means that the shipping is lots cheaper too!)


This rainwater collector has another cool feature: the overflow diverter. If you get too much water in a heavy rainstorm, the top of the container has a channel built right in that diverts excess water away from the house. This feature helps keep your house foundation from getting waterlogged as well.

Colors & Textures of the Dual Spigot Rain Decorative Barrels

Palm Decorative Rain Barrel in Sandstone

As you can see, the barrel has a gray color.

However, if you want more of a tan shade, you can get a similar rain tank in “sandstone”. Actually, it comes in 9 different neutral colors that mix well with virtually any landscape.

The size, shape, features and design match closely, however, the outer texture varies a little. Check it out on the right.

I think the texturing makes all the difference. This decorative rain barrel looks really sophisticated. However, it is just an inexpensive plastic resin rain harvester just like the giant blue tanks you see elsewhere.


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