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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Michelle, and I’m a big fan of making outdoor spaces beautiful and functional at the same time. Please contact us at the mail below if you have questions about rain barrels.

Water collection systems are a great way to conserve water – but why not turn them into attractive backyard decor while we’re at it? It’s an easy way to get more value for the money we spend.

In addition, many of these rain barrel kits come with all of the materials you need to set up your rainwater collecting system. Therefore, you can save a bunch of time and effort installing the unit.

Keep in mind that you may need to buy a diverter kit to connect your gutter downspout to the barrel itself. This one-time step doesn’t take much time, and it makes water collection super simple.

At, we try to provide enough information and resources on the site to answer any questions you might have about vertical rain gardens and decorative rain barrel systems.

However – we know that you may have questions that we simply didn’t cover. Contact us! We are happy to help, and we want you to get the answers you need.


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