3 Easy Rain Barrel Kits for Collecting Rainwater at Home

Do you want to connect your gutter downspout and divert excess water to your rainwater harvesting tanks? Check out these easy-to-install rain barrel kits…

How to Connect Your Downspout to Your Rainwater Collector:

Diverter Pro Rain Barrel KitsRain Barrel DiverterPro Kit

This diverter from Fiskars connects your rain gutter downspout to your rainwater collection system.

It fits standard-sized downspouts (both 2″ x 3″ and 3″ x 4″), is simple to install and easy to clean. The device actually has a see-through window that lets you see if cleaning is needed without having to open the diverter. It also includes a debris filter (which is removable) just in case your rain barrel does not already have one.

Notes on Diverter Pro Rain Barrel Kits:

  • Using a silicone seal or caulk when installing the unit can prevent potential leaks.
  • The kit only comes in black. You can paint it to match your home’s exterior, but I suggest using a primer and spray paint designed for plastic surfaces, because this will prevent paint from chipping off over time.

A piece of advice from Heather Kincaide-Levario, author of Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse, is to check gutters and downspouts about every 6 months (before and after each rainy season) to make sure that there is no debris build up, and if so, flush out debris before connecting to your rain barrel.

How to Turn a Container into a Rain Collection System:

Earthminded Diverter Kit for Rain BarrelsDIY Rain Barrel Kit

Do you already have your own water collection container? You can simply get a DIY kit that has everything you need to turn your container into a functioning rain barrel system.

Earthminded has a complete kit that includes the diverter pieces to direct water to your barrel – and a spigot to release water when you’re ready to use it. The hole cutters are included as well; you just need a drill to attach them to. A screwdriver is also required.


  • Even a novice can put everything together in less than 30 minutes.
  • Everything you need in one package.
  • You can save a bunch of money by building your own rain barrel instead of buying one (or using a custom container that looks cool).
  • Ships free.


  • The spigot is not metal, so may not be as long-lasting.

How to Attach Multiple Rain Barrels Together:

Rain Barrel Connector KitRain Barrel Connector Kit

If you have several rain barrels that you want to link together, you will need a connector kit like this one. Basically, the connector takes the water overflow from the first barrel and directs it to the other. It’s pretty straight forward; you just want a kit that is easy to install requires minimal effort and maintenance.

Some Things to Note:

1. This kit from Rain Reserve lets you attach and seal the fittings from the outside of the tank. Some rain barrels may have a removable top, in which case this may not matter to you. However, this is something to keep in mind when looking for connector kits.

2. The special tubing included is expandable to 6 feet, which makes it ideal for curving around corners or other structures.

3. You can also use this kit to attach the diverter to your rain barrel.