RainXchange & Earth Minded Rain Station Pros and Cons

RainXchange planterThe Aquascape RainXchange rain barrel may not be the most decorative rain barrel on the block – but it is large, durable and has lots of features that make it a popular addition to many homes.

If you like the idea of having a DIY rain barrel – without the work – this model is a great solution. It’s simple and easy while still being tough and long-lasting.

Why Do I Like this Rain Barrel Kit?

Well, besides the reasons I mentioned above, I like it because it is simple and essentially gives homeowners what they want – a water collection system that works, looks clean and requires very little maintenance. If you get too fancy or complicated, products sometimes become a hassle to use or you’ve got more pieces that can break, etc… This rain barrel simply gets the job done.

Terra Cotta Earth Minded Rainstation with Spidot, Diverter System and LidNote: Also check out the 45-gallon Earth Minded Rain Station. This complete rain barrel kit comes with all components you need to install it. For example, the spigot, diverter system and top lid cover.

Plus, the heavy duty polypropylene, UV protection and and brass spigot ensure that this container will last a long time with minimal maintenance.

And if that wasn’t enough, this rain barrel kit only costs about $140.

Do You Need to Buy Anything Else?

Like may other kits, the RainXchange comes with virtually everything you need and is easy to set up in minutes. The only additional items you might want would be a diverter if you plan on locating your water collection systems away from a downspout.

As you can see in the photo above, this rain harvesting systems also lets you grow plants in the lid. You don’t have to, of course, but you have the option so that you can make your water storage unit look a little more classy.

What are the Specs and Features?

This large barrel can hold 75 gallons of rainwater. Yet surprisingly only weighs 25 pounds. The lid is removable and has a planting area along with a screened opening for water. The brass spigot comes with the package. It is raised high enough off the ground to fill watering cans – or you can attach a hose as well.

How Much Does the RainXchange Cost?

I’ve seen the price range from $200-$256 for a RainXchange, depending on the seller. The cheapest I’ve seen is through Amazon.com, where you can also get free shipping.

Some Other Pros and Cons…

It comes in sandstone or terra cotta colors. Therefore, it can easily blend in to most backyards and patios, especially with plants growing out of the top. However, it does not look like real terra cotta or sandstone. Don’t think you’ll be fooling your friends.

Thick plastic resin constructs the exterior. If you want to paint it to match the exterior of your home, I suggest using a primer for plastic surfaces before painting the container itself. This way, you minimize paint chipping.


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