Rainwater Collection Systems – The Pros and Cons…

Rainwater collection systems provide a simple way to conserve water. Plus, they are growing in popularity among homeowners who are eco-friendly and green-minded. Rainwater storage kits range from large bulky tanks to decorative planters, depending on the person’s needs and what they are using the water for.

For people who want to collect water to irrigate their yard or other outdoor uses, rain barrels are a popular way to go. You can either make your own from scratch, you can buy a kit or you get a decorative rain barrel – some of which do “double-duty” as both a garden and rain collection system.

Getting More Bang for Your Buck with Rainwater Collection Systems:

The advantage to using decorative rain barrels is that they can offer more value. Enhancing the visual appeal of your home and/or growing food like strawberries or herbs while you are storing rainwater basically translates to more value for your dollars spent.

Installing a vertical rain garden enable you to use less space and still collect a significant amount of water. This can be a big deal if you are limited on yard space, but vertical rain gardens also make it much easier to conceal your water collection system.

According to Heather Kinkade-Levario, author of Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse, rooftop rainwater harvesting systems are usually less expensive and require less maintenance than other rainwater collection methods.

My Problems with Collecting Rainwater…

I have a downspout beside the steps leading to my front door. A decorative rain barrel works perfectly in this space. I can use a system that looks like a ceramic pot with plants in it. Therefore, the rain barrel doesn’t detract from the home’s curb appeal.

In another location, I also have a downspout situated in a narrow walkway. In this case, I need to have a taller, more narrow rain collection system that can hug the wall.

Another Problem-Solving Feature of Rainwater Collection:

Additionally, installing a rain barrel below a downspout can solve problems with drainage. If you have a downspout that drains water in a less-than-ideal location, you will need to make modifications. However, in some cases, you can make the job easier and less costly by setting up a rain cachement system.

I actually had to deal with this exact situation. The drainage issue was literally more annoying than problematic. However, once I looked into rain barrel options, the solution was clear and simple. Then, I solved it for less than $100. Plus, now I have a nice Mediterranean planter with flowers to look at everyday.


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