How to Use a Rain Wall to Collect Rainwater

Rain Wall Rain Harvesting SystemIf you are looking for a multi-functional rain-collecting system, look no further. This rain wall is great!

What I love about decorative rain barrels is that they, of course, collect, store and conserve rainwater. However, when used creatively, they can enhance the look of your yard and value of your home. And, I haven’t even mentioned the savings on your water bill.

What the Heck is a Rain Wall?

The Rain Wall is essentially a rain barrel in the form of a wall. Like other rain barrels, a rain wall collects and stores excess rainwater, but there’s more…

In addition, it can act as a tall privacy wall for a portion of your yard, like a hot tub or conversation area. It’s a great option for people with small patios or decks, since these units are not really big and usually fit small spaces. Because it is tall, it can hold a significant amount of rainwater without taking up a lot of space.

The wall also includes shelving units where you can conveniently store garden items or grow plants that can cover the structure in greenery. This could be the ultimate in concealed water tanks!

How Can this Giant Rain Barrel Can Save You Money?

The Rain Wall is cheaper than building a fence, partly because you can easily install it yourself in a matter of minutes. Seriously. Plus, if you ever decide to move or re-position it, you can.

With the contained shelving spaces, the unit makes it easy to store miscellaneous yard items without having to purchase a storage tub or box. On the other hand, if you decide to grow a vertical garden, the wall can act as your supporting structure, so you don’t have to buy or build your own frame. Brilliant.

Another Cool Feature About this Rainwater Harvester:

Each side of the wall is different. This means that you have options on how you want your wall to look. One side has a “rock wall” face, while the other side has a panel look.

What You May Not Like About the Rain Wall:

Rain Wall Behind Hot TubThis rain harvester is made of durable, food grade plastic. It looks like a plastic wall. There’s no denying it. That’s why I like the cubbies where you can stick vining plants that can eventually cover the wall and completely disguise it.

Other inexpensive and simple options include covering it with bamboo fencing or hanging a bamboo shade in front of it for a tropical, natural feel.

The Specs:

  • Each unit can hold 62 gallons of water and measures 32″W x 6″D x 72″H.
  • Multiple units can be connected together to create a large water storage container and privacy wall (or corner structure as shown).
  • Each unit weighs about 50 lbs.


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