Athena Rain Barrel Holds Water… and Plants

Rain Barrels that Also Hold Plants

Algreen Rain Barrels are some of the most popular decorative rain barrels on the market, and many of them feature planters on top.

The “Athena” has a more classic-looking design that can fit with both modern or rustic homes. They are stylish – yet not too styled, so they are very versatile and an be used pretty much anywhere.

The Athena Rain Barrel is Better than it Looks…

If you are familiar with Algreen rain harvesters, you already know that they are built to be strong and long-lasting – yet they are lightweight enough for one person to move them (even their larger-sized barrels).

In fact, the large size Athena rain barrel weighs in at only 18 lbs. However, it looks like a realistic ceramic planter. It’s made with molded plastic, which is made stronger through a process called rotocasting (or rotational molding).

Rotational molding offers lots of advantages in addition to constructing a lightweight container. The “rotating” process also enables the barrel to be molded as one part (and faster), keeping manufacturing costs low. Plus, outer corners and edges of the containers are stronger than they typically would be when built using multiple pieces.

You get the benefits of both worlds: the authentic look of a real ceramic urn with the lightweight, weather-resistant, long-lasting strength of molded plastic resin. By the way, this resin will not fade, chip or crack. Furthermore, it can handle fluctuating temperatures without a problem.

What I Really Like About these Rain Barrels:

One thing I really like about Algreen barrel planters is that they come as a complete kit:

  • Rain Barrel with Integrated Planter Top
  • Non-Corroding Screen Leaf Guard
  • Dual Water Overflows (can also be used to connect to other barrels or with a diverter kit)
  • Brass Spigot
  • No BPA


Large: 24″ x 24″ x 49″ tall
Small: 24″ x 24″ x 34″ tall


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