DIY Rain Barrel Kit – Cheap & Easy Way Rainwater Collection

If you have a container that you want to make into a rainwater harvester, look no further. This DIY rain barrel kit may be the easiest, most time efficient way to do it.

The EarthMinded DIY Rain Barrel Package…

The Earthminded DIY Rain Barrel Kit walks you through a 3-step process to transform your barrel, tub or other container – into a custom water-holding tank.

You can save a bunch of money by not having to buy a container. Plus, you can have a custom-designed rain barrel that matches your tastes and home decor.

Check it out:

Earthminded DIY Rain Barrel Kit

Get all the parts you need in the package, including tools like the hole saw. This task could not be any easier. Plus, you can use an old trash can or plastic tub that you already have. Therefore, you save even more money.


DIY Downspout Diverter - How to Connect a Downspout to Your Rain Barrel

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The Easy, Low-Cost Way to Direct Rainwater from Your Gutters to Your Rain Barrel, Also Includes High-Flow Hose. Limited Time Price