Rainsaver Whiskey Rain Barrel: How Does It Compare?

Rainsaver Rain Barrel

I particularly like rain harvesters disguised as old wine barrels. (I also like this faux whiskey barrel.) However, buying a used wine or whiskey barrel can be expensive and sometimes difficult to find. They also are made of wood, so you may need to deal with issues like rot and leaks.

The Problem with “Faux” Barrels:

Some of the faux wine barrels, although durable and low maintenance, leave something to be desired. They can look a little cheesy, which defeats the purpose of getting a decorative rain barrel in the first place. That is, unless cheesy is the look you’re going for (and I’ve got no problem with that!).

Wood Grain Detailing

Averting the Cheese…

The Rainsaver Decorative Rain Barrel is a little different. Although it doesn’t pretend to be made of real wood, it actually looks pretty classy.

It’s got clean, simple lines, a little bit of wood grain detailing and neutral, earthy colors which can easily blend into the landscape and along the side of your home.

This way, you get durable and low maintenance with a cool look to go along with it.

Top of Rainsaver

Plus, the top of the rain harvester is large and flat enough to hold a potted plant. Use ivy or another vining plant that can hang down the sides of the barrel to create a more custom look (without much effort, might I add).

This Whiskey Rain Barrel Can’t Get Any Easier.

Of course, the RainSaver is easier than finding an old whiskey barrel, buying parts and converting the unit to a sealed water storage container. It comes as an all-inclusive kit with minimal assembly – it’s actually pretty much fully-assembled when you get it. You can have it completely set up in under an hour.

Plus – it only weighs 20 lbs!

I have to give it to them. For performance, function and looks, Spruce Creek Company really nailed it with the Rainsaver. These look really cool with a cascading plant on top – even if you never used it to store water.

Brass Spigot

Here are the Specs:

  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Height: 36″, Diameter: 23″
  • Colors: Moss, Balsam Green or Terra Cotta
  • Holds 54 gallons on water
  • Made of durable polyethelyne plastic, UV protected and 1/4″ thick
  • Has screened water intake to prevent debris form getting in the tank
  • Includes overflow and 6′ diverter hose (connect to another barrel if you want with $15 adapter)
  • Includes brass spigot (lasts longer than plastic) and can connect to garden hose

Check Out the Rainsaver in Action – plus the nifty overflow set-up:


TIP: You’ll notice in the video at about 2:10 that he mentions 2 spigot locations. I you choose to use the lower location, I suggest positioning the barrel on top of a platform or a few stacked cinder blocks so that you can still fill up a watering can from the tank.

There are Even More Benefits to this Decorative Rain Barrel:

1. With summer right around the corner, this means drought season for many of us. Having a means of collecting rainwater throughout the year is not only eco-friendly, it can decrease your water bill as well.

2. Fresh water is also healthier for your plants, trees and shrubs because no chemicals have been added. Some people never even considered this factor, but it makes a difference.

3. Many homeowners also take advantage of these water storage units as a means to stop excess water run-off in areas where they don’t want it. Does your home have poor drainage or seem to build up puddles after a heavy rain? This can be a simple and inexpensive solution.

4. Do you have a garden or potted plants but no hose spigot nearby? Instead of paying a plumber to install one, just add a rain barrel to the closest gutter downspout and connect a hose to it. Problem solved and convenience added!

Want Some Numbers?

An average roof (1000 sq. ft.) will collect over 650 gallons of water with just 1 inch of rainfall. So even a 1/8 inch rain thunderstorm could refill an empty rain barrel (and most houses have more than one downspout…)

Rainsaver Adapter Diagram
courtesy of https://www.sprucecreekrainsaver.com


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