Plastic Rain Barrels: Why Should You Get One?

Good Ideas Tree Bark - Plastic Rain Barrels that Don't Look Plastic

More and more people are using plastic rain barrels because they weigh less and are easier to move.

In addition, the heavy-duty plastic material does not rust or rot. Therefore, it lasts a long time while also requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep.

In other words, ultra-durable resin planters and rain barrels can be a worthwhile investment. Not to mention, convenient to use.

What are the Advantages of Plastic Molded Rain Barrels?

Homeowners have the option of building their own rainwater collector. They can use a cheap plastic container and a rain barrel diverter kit. Alternatively, they can purchase a complete rain harvesting kit and simply install it next to a gutter downspout.

Some models include a downspout diverter, while other products may require you to purchase the part separately.

In either case, these rain barrel packages have pre-drilled holes, spigots to fit and debris screens pre-sized for the unit. This makes set up and installation easy!

Plastic rain barrels can look like a wooden barrel or even a terra cotta pot.

In fact, well-designed decorative rain bins can easily trick the eye. People may think that they see an expensive garden urn. However, the container is actually a plastic water holding tank in disguise!


Take the 50-Gallon “Urn” Rain Barrel, for Example…

This 50 gallon rain barrel urn collects a lot of rainwater while looking stylish at the same time. It is made of plastic but has a Terra Cotta look to it. Therefore, it can look like decor on the side of your house (look how nicely it pairs with the house in this video, for example).

In addition to that, this rain barrel urn comes with a screen (to keep the bugs away) and a hook for hanging a hose. It also includes a spigot, a planter (to add to the look of the rain barrel) and various other features. They come together for a perfect blend of rainwater conservation and style.


DIY Downspout Diverter - How to Connect a Downspout to Your Rain Barrel

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