Top 3 Rain Barrel Gardens that Cost Under $200…

You don’t have to spend $500 to get stylish and durable rain barrel gardens that last. Plus, they can save you a bunch of time on installation because they come as kits with all the materials you need.

Algreen Agua 50 Gallon Rainwater Collection System

Algreen Agua Rain Barrel

This 50-gallon rain barrel + garden has a classic ceramic-looking style. However, it is constructed of a strong and long-lasting roto molded plastic. Thus, it weighs less than 15 pounds!

This all-in-one rain barrel kit comes with the top planter, a screen to keep out gutter debris and a watering hose. Position it by a nearby garden for easy watering needs.


Algreen Cascata 65 Gallon Rain Barrel Gardens

Algreen Cascata Rain Barrel Gardens

The 65-gallon Cascata has a slender shape. This more sophisticated looking planter takes up approximately the same footprint as the barrel above, even though it provides an extra 15 gallon water capacity.

The same durable molded plastic makes up the Cascata, so it does not chip, crack or fade, In addition, it has an additional water spigot that the Agua does not have.

Woodgrain Rain Barrel with Planter

RTS Accents Round Rain Barrel

If you like the authentic oak barrel look, you will like this rain collecting container. Although this faux wine barrel looks pretty realistic and far from cheap, it only weighs 20 lbs! Plus, it won’t rot, fade or get infested with insects like traditional wood products.

If you like the rustic look, this wine barrel replica will fit right in with your home landscape. Compared to other rain harvesters that people try to conceal, this one you might want to install as the focal point of your backyard!