Algreen Cascata 65-Gallon Rain Barrel + Planter

Algreen Cascata Decorative Rain BarrelThe Algreen Cascata is the larger version of the 50-gallon Algreen aqua. Both are made of the highly durable roto-molded plastic. It does not chip, crack or fade.

Elegant – Yet Tough – Yet Easy…

Yet, it is very lightweight for a 65-gallon rain barrel at 23 pounds. If you are looking for an elegant-looking planter where you can collect rainwater – and that is easy to move and set-up – this is a popular option.

The Cascata is preferred by many people (above the smaller Agua rain barrel garden) because they feel that it is more sturdy. Although it is larger, it uses a 26″ x26″ footprint, which is not much more than the smaller version.

The Sophisticated Choice:

The height is 46″, so if you are looking for a pair of tall statuesque planters to frame an entryway or walkway, these are good for that. You can create sophisticated floral arrangements with tall grassy varieties or use plants that trail down the sides of the pot. In either case, you can easily disguise the fact that your planter is actually a rain collection system.

Woman Planting FlowersAre you are landscaping your property or want to upgrade the look and feel of your backyard or entryway? The Cascata rain barrel can easily help you achieve a sophisticated look when used in sets of 3 or 5 (odd numbers are key in landscape design).

Keep the flowers or plants consistent in variety, color or size and position. When the matching rain barrels are positioned around the home, they help carry a consistent and sophisticated look throughout the yard.

Other Notes:

The Cascata comes with a 6-foot hose and a spigot as well. Color choices are both natural-looking: sandalwood or terra cotta.

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