Build-Your-Own Rain Barrel – Easy to Set Up Kit

Do you want to store extra rainwater in a custom-shaped container that doesn’t look like a water tank? I found a really cool build-your-own rain barrel kit that you can design to fit your needs.

Build-Your-Own Rain Barrel Stacked Rain Harvester
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It’s Rain Reserve’s “Build-a-Barrel”.

First of all, this rain harvesting system is created in cubes. You just buy the amount that you want to suit your water storage needs.

Next, you connect them together to fit the space where you want your rainwater to be stored. I really like the versatility that this unique water storage system offers. Plus, the clever design hides the fact that this unit is a water storgge container.

Check out some of the photos below of what people have done with their Build-a-Barrel kits. You can get lots of ideas of what you can do in your own yard.

Concealed Rain Barrel Behind Bush

As you can see, their size and shape enables these rain barrels to easily hide behind a bush or under a deck. In addition, they don’t need to be visible. Plus, they don’t require a lot of space.

However, you do need to make sure that the water spigot coming from the base of the container is easily accessible. Plus, you will need to locate the barrel near a gutter downspout.

Rain Barrel Table

Alternatively, you can place these stacking, connecting rain barrel “boxes” on a front porch or patio without getting in the way or being obtrusive. In fact, they look like they were naturally designed to support other objects. For example, a sculpture, watering can, a small garden or flower pots.

This design works well, especially if you want that additional shelf space or tabletop for plants, etc.. It also can make accessing the stored water more convenient.

Of course, you don’t need to choose one location over another. Most homes have several downspouts and plenty of water runoff, and therefore, 2 or 3 storage containers around the property makes more sense.

6 More Great Benefits to this Rain Barrel:

1. The exterior plastic resin surface of the container is durable and strong. However, it doesn’t weight much, which makes it easier to assemble and set up.

2. In addition, the side panels look like real wood. Although it’s not the same as an expensive piece of stained teak, your rain barrel will not look like an ugly plastic container taking up space in your backyard. In other words, thee containers look more sophisticated and can add style to your outdoor space.

3. Each cube has a 25 gallon water storage capacity. If you want to store more water, simply connect additional cubes together! The interlocking panels are easy to put together, and you can construct your rain barrel vertically or horizontally, depending on your needs and the space available.

**Note:** Some packages include multiple cubes (ie 2 cubes with 50 gallon capacity or 4 cubes with 100 gallon capacity). Each package includes a diverter kit to attach to your downspout (diverter kits typically cost about $30-50 alone).

4. Freeze-proof design eliminates need to winterize. Less work, gotta like that.

5. Dimensions: 18L x 18W x 35H (for the 50-gallon model)

6. You get a free soaker hose included with the kit (worth $15). Yeehaw! You can’t beat that.

Check out this video below that shows exactly how simple the RainReserve rain collecting system is:

More information: RainReserve Build-a-Barrel


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